What is our service for patients

Cardiology Consultation

if you have chest pain , dyspnea, fatigue , palpation , syncope or you are suspect having heart disease , please contact us , our Doctors will take your history and examine your heart to determine if you have heart disease or not and decide whats the best care for you


This is a test that shows the electricity of the heart , determines your heart rhythm , can detect pathological enlargement of your heart and can show if you had a heart attack before


This is an ultrasound scan of the heart , it tells us the contracting power of your heart , give us details on all heart valves, shows how efficient is your heart relaxing , can show if there is fluid or inflammation in your heart and can diagnose cardiac birth defects.

Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor

This is essential to know if you have high blood pressure or not and is your hypertension controlled or not